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Visit Nepal 2020

Mountain Biking Trips

Nepal is a mountainous country , full of exciting adventures to choose from. The terrain and the landscape of this country makes it one of the best destination for Mountain Biking adventures. There are many trekking  trails and routes which are suitable for mountain biking. This sport is currently not so popular in Nepal as there are very few numbers of enthusiasts pursuing on this field. The available routes and trails are very much suitable for mountain biking tours and trips. This adventure sport is currently in its struglling phase as there are very few companies operating. The local people are also not so eager for this sport . But the opportunities for exploring the countriy's landscape and terrain  with this sport is enormous . However there are people coming from all over the world who are in search for discovering this country with this sport. Every now and then there are events and races beig organized for the sole purpose of promotion and exposure. Out of which there is one particular event called the Yak Attack , which is the Highest mountain Bike race that is held on the famous Annapurna Circuit Hiking trail. The participants for this event can be from anywhere in the world. The entry fee is some how steep , and the total distance is about 280km. This event is organized by MTB World Wide and is one of the most adventurous Mountain Biking Race in the world. Like wise there are other shorter and locally organized races in Nepal. There are many  types of mountain biking trails that we have here in Nepal. which are short day trails to long trails , i.e for a week . You have plenty of options to choose from. If you are the type of person seeking to explore this Himalayan country through the means of Mountain Biking adventure , then we are her to answer your queries about all the details . Further more we are obliged to inform you that we can help you by arranging the type of trip you are seeking for. Contact Vertex Holiday for more details.