‘full of thrills and frills rafting on various Himalayan Rivers of Nepal’

Rafting Nepal Himalayan Glacial Rivers offers various types of thrills, frills, and excitement from soothing float to bouncy waves. Encountering mighty white-water rapids paddling downstream full of enjoyable moments, on the great rivers of Nepal Himalaya.

Rafting Nepal Himalayan Glacial Rivers provides the utmost adventure from easy scenic floats to adventurous and adrenaline challenges.

Nepal provides various rivers for rafting, kayaking all rivers flow from the abode of gods and holy spirits in the Himalayas. Nepal is listed as the second biggest in the world for water power, energy all rivers source from the glaciers of the Himalayas.

The country with a wide network of rivers from east to far western region where one can enjoy exciting rafting adventures.

Nepal captures the world’s 8th highest peaks with massive Himalayan ranges concentrated within the country. Makes Nepal a premier ground for all types of adventure sports and activities from high hills, rivers to the tallest peaks.

Various Himamalayas glacial rivers for exciting thrills on rafting from gentle, fast running to white-waters to choose from. Where all rafting managed and run by an expert team of guides lead you to a safe and amazing experience.

All rafting is equipped with high standard safety measures helmets, life jackets, wet suits, and necessary accessories required for a rafting adventure.

Raft is managed by the captain of the boat with two types of rafting maneuvering, back oar, middle oars. Backed by expert kayak in a longer rafting expedition like Sun-Koshi and other wild rafting rivers.

Rafting Packages