Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

As an emerging adventure holiday planner, Vertex Holiday recognizes the positive and the negative impacts of our tourism packages. Therefore to minimize the negative impacts that may be caused by tourism trips, we would like to make a statement on the following aspects.

Towards our Clients

We value the safety and security of our valued clients; therefore we will not compromise them for our personal or our company’s profit.

We will ensure to make a deep cultural interaction between our clients and the local people for an amazing holiday experience for our clients.

Towards our Staff

We will prioritize employing the respective local people as per the designated trip destination.

We will invest in the training and empowerment of our staff

We will ensure the needs and commodities of our staff as well as provide them with decent wages.

We will make sure of work, accident, and medical insurance of our staff.

Towards the People and Community

We will notify and encourage our clients about the cultural norms and values as well as respect them.

We will encourage our clients to purchase from the local community so that they can help the local economy.

Towards our Business Counterparts

We will ensure fair dealing with our transportation, hotels, teahouse lodges, and homestays in Nepal as well as our foreign counterparts in Tibet and Bhutan.

To the Environment

Encourage our clients to use alternative means of transportation and minimize the usage of energy to minimize their carbon footprint.

Encourage our clients to take walking, hiking, and trekking trips that require the minimal use of carbon-emitting vehicles and equipment.

Encourage our clients to use reusable water bottles and other necessary items as well as proper disposal of plastics and other pollutants

We will ensure that the wildlife and ecosystem are undisturbed by our trekking, hiking, and climbing activities.

With a positive attitude and cooperation, we believe that we can make a change for the people, community, and the environment.
Feel free to reach us if you have any further suggestions on how we can help the industry with sustainable tourism.