Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Official Terms and Conditions

Policies for Booking a Trip

For booking a holiday trip, you are required to follow the following guidelines,

Click the book now button on the right side of the trip overview page, fill up the booking form and submit.
A minimum of 15% of the total cost must be paid as a down payment, at least 25 days prior to the departure date.

Postponement, Cancellation, and Refund

For postponing a booked holiday trip, you will be charged USD 100 and the remaining amount will be transferred to the postponed trip.
If you are looking for a cancellation of the trip, the down payment paid will be the cancellation fee and is non-refundable. If the down payment you paid is over 15%, then the remaining portion will be wired to your bank account. If the cancellation of the trip is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances then you will have the right to reschedule your tour to another date.
For cancellation, postponement and refund, you will have to communicate via the official mail address of Vertex Holiday info@vertexholiday.com at least two weeks prior to the departure date.

Check for More information regarding booking a trip with Vertex Holiday,

Change of Cost and Price

  • Price of our tours and trips are in US Dollars and are based on current exchange rates. The prices of our packages can fluctuate accordingly.
  • However, after the confirmation of booking and the down payment being paid, the prices are guaranteed.
  • Furthermore, after booking and the down payment has been confirmed: the booking price will be guaranteed unless there is a huge change in the currency exchange rates, new taxes imposed by the government, or any other reason beyond our limitations.

Payment Method

Payments for a trip can be made via cash, credit card, debit card, or wire transfer. You will be levied the processing fees while using a card or wire transfer.

After you submit your booking request, the bank details will be forwarded via mail.

The booking of a trip will be deemed confirmed once you make the downpayment.

For more information on the payment method, please visit here.

Acknowledgment of Potential Risks

  • First of all, Vertex Holiday is determined to make our tours and trips free of any unfortunate events: as it is our priority to conclude every journey safe and secure.
  • However, the risk of health or safety hazards beyond our control is probable. Therefore, you should acknowledge and take responsibility for the potential risks.
  • You are subjected to follow the instructions given by the tour leader as well as the local rules and regulations.
  • Either it is you not being able to comply with the regulations or commit any illegal act or cause any act deemed potentially dangerous: then Vertex Holiday will have the right to terminate the tour immediately without any refund.
  • Liability
  • If any circumstance beyond our control leads to an accident, sickness, loss, change of schedule, or any other tragedies then Vertex Holiday shall not be liable for such mishaps.
  • We shall not be liable for any sort of extra costs due to bad weather, strike, natural disaster, or new rules and regulations imposed by the government.
  • As our business runs in coordination with different service providers for Accommodation, Transportation, and other services, we will be determined to choose the best option available. However, we shall not be liable for guaranteeing their performance.
  • If there is any safety or health issue during the tour, the tour leader will have the right to make necessary changes to the itinerary and routes.

Travel Insurance

Vertex Holiday will be responsible for the necessary insurance for the tour leader and the porters during any trip; however, clients are required to provide a copy of travel insurance prior to the beginning of the trip.

Comprehensive travel insurance worth a minimum of US$ 100,000 is recommended, including medical and emergency rescue, while participating in trekking or mountaineering trips as you will be exploring regions above the altitude of 2500 meters, otherwise liability such medical or emergency costs will be upon the clients.

Privacy Policy

Before booking a trip with us, you might as well want to check our privacy policy. Once you’ve booked a trip with Vertex Holiday then the clients will be deemed agreeable with our policy. For more detailed information please visit here.

For any inquiries and other useful information, feel free to reach us at info@vertexholiday.com