Bhutan is a country of Druk Yul, which means the land of Thunder Dragon. It is delightfully known as the last paradise on earth. Thimpu is its capital city. It is a country that has fully preserved the natural and cultural heritages so the travelers in Bhutan are being enticed by the centuries-old monasteries, Chhortens, Dzongs, museums, and other things and places to see.

Bhutanese people are ever smiling people, who are welcoming and hospitable. It is a landlocked country having biological diversities. It has got forests, wildlife, flowers and meadows Himalayan beauties on the north. The variations in geography range from 300 meters to 7000 meters above sea level. . 72% of its land area covered by forests and the protected area is 60%, and it includes 300 species of medicinal plants. Numerous fauna species are found in Bhutan as snow leopard, Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Black Bear, and Red Panda, deer, and other extinct species.

The Tourism Authority of Bhutan (TAB) directly administers the tourists’ behaviors. Bhutan emphasizes qualitative tourism development in order to preserve its cultural values and social traditions. So they follow limited tourism. People speak more than 19 dialects. People are keen to celebrate festivals as Nimalung Festival, Thimphu Tshechu, Trongsa Tshechu, and Mongar Tshechu. Their garments and foods are also popular.

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