Tibet is the roof of the world, which is an autonomous region of China. The plateau is located in the Himalayan region of Asia. It has spread to the land having an area of 1.22 million square kilometers, and it has got a total population of 2.3 million. Tibet is situated at an elevation of about 4000 meters. It is populated by the Buddhist devotee’s people, including the ethnic groups Monpas, Lhobas, Qiang, Han, Hui, Cheng, Sharba, and others.

Tibetan highland is a highly mystical land. Not only the monasteries and Chhortens, but also the mountains, Rivers, and Lakes are regarded as sacred things to explore. Some of the Tibetan communities still follow the nomadic life. So, there are several traditional settlements. Tibetan Dynasty was established in the 7th century as a unified Tibet. After the 1911 revolution, the Government of the People’s Republic of China invaded the administrative structure and started to rule over it. Modern technology and industrialization are changing the face of Tibet.

Lhasa is the center of Tibet. It has got some of the world-famous palaces, monasteries, and Chhortens. The Potala palace is one of the best tourist attractions in Lhasa. Lhasa sightseeing and Tibet overland tour are extremely popular and the Mt. Kailash tour is famous for the pilgrimage trip.

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