20 Best Things to Do in Nepal

20 Best Things to Do in Nepal

The top 20 best things to do in Nepal A country of great bio-diversity from sub-tropical to arctic zone climate’ for tourists to choose from for the right kind of holiday. There are more than twenty great exotic places around Nepal, an amazing country with boundless holiday destinations.

In this Nepal Travel Guide, we are targeting on best areas where one can enjoy. From dense sub-tropical jungles of the Terai belt to cooler scenic hills and towards the arctic zone filled with snow and glaciers.

Nepal, a country with an area of 147 181 sq. km, is sandwiched between Tibet / China and India. The country, occupying only 0.03% of the earth, treasures the world’s 8th highest peaks and is rich in flora/fauna. Includes countless world heritage sites, as well as the birthplace of Lord Buddha ‘The Light of Asia’.

Nepal is one of the world’s richest countries in terms of bio-diversity with its unique dramatic landscapes, where the elevation ranges from 60 m to the highest place on earth, Mt. Everest, at 8,848.86 m / 29,031.69 feet. Within a mere 150 km. Distance, where visitors can experience various great changes in climate.

This makes Nepal an exceptional country for worldwide travelers, where one can choose from a wide range of holidays. From leisure, moderate, and adventurous to challenging adventure destinations in the close shades of the world’s highest mountain range, the great Himalayas.

Nepal is an enjoyable destination for cultural and heritage tours, hiking, trekking, and peak climbing to major mountaineering as well as various exciting extension trips like rafting the Himalayan Rivers, mountain biking, and jungle safari for rare wildlife. One can relax in the comfort of mountain resorts, and marvel at the panorama of Himalayan peaks with sunrise and sunset views.

The top 20 best things to experience in Nepal, provide visitors with where and what to do, before planning your holiday. We have provided the most exciting activities that one can enjoy while visiting amazing Nepal and the Himalayas.

01: Sightseeing Tour:

In the first place, on arrival in Kathmandu, the capital and commercial hub of Nepal. Kathmandu, although a semi-modern and metropolitan city, retains its ancient glories of historical monuments with temples and monasteries.

Including old palaces from the Malla regime to the former Shah Periods, a sightseeing tour will be a great introduction to Nepalese culture. Includes the arts and craftsmanship of bygone times, most of the historical places, and old temples and Buddhist monuments of Stupas are enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kathmandu and adjoining Patan / Lalitpur and Bhaktapur cities are worth visiting to experience the Nepalese cultures.

On booking the tour with Vertex Treks and Travels, one can request various foreign language-speaking guides, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, as well as Hindi. Sightseeing Tour from a day to a week around Kathmandu valley and beyond to scenic and historical places of Nepal.

02: Trekking the Nepal Himalayas:

The main flow of tourism in Nepal is for trekking; the country offers a wide range of destinations. Trekking the foothills and towards high ridges, crossing high Himalayan passes, from a few days to a week or more.

Nepal and the Himalayas offer countless various trekking destinations of moderate, adventurous to challenging grades. One can enjoy trekking in the comfort of nice and cozy mountain lodges and resorts facing views of snow peaks.

You can choose from a wide range of trekking to choose from as per your physical fitness and duration of holidays in Nepal, ranging from mainstream routes to off-the-beaten tracks, with a choice of overnight stops. Either in nice local lodges or enjoy sleeping in tented camping within the complete wilderness amidst giant peaks of the Himalayas.

The most popular trekking regions are Annapurna Himalayas, the Annapurna Circuit trek, the Annapurna base camp trek, and many more, where one can enjoy from less than a week to two weeks and more.

The next is the Everest region, a popular and famous trek to Everest base camp trek with a climb of high Kalapathar hill offering a grand sweeping panorama of the world’s highest peaks in harmony with local Sherpa culture. Langtang Himal is another scenic and exciting trek for a week or more, the closest Himalayan destination to Kathmandu. As well Manaslu Circuit is gaining popularity among interested trekkers and adventurers, a scenic walk of fewer than two weeks.

Besides popular mainstream areas, there are other beautiful and higher Himalayan destinations, from the Far East to the remote West of Nepal.

03: Trekking Peaks:

Nepal with world’s highest mountains and various lesser peaks below 8,000 m and above 5,500 m. Provides excellent and exciting adventure climbing to the summit of trekking peaks, a great experience to start your mountaineering adventure. The most famous and popular trekking peaks are Island, Lobuche, and Mera peaks around the Everest region.

Annapurna areas offer Tent peaks, all of Chulu’s peaks range, and many more within the massif Annapurna Himalaya range. All trekking peaks are guided by expert mountain guides approved and certified by the Tourism and Mountaineering Department of Nepal.

04: Hiking on the valley rims of Kathmandu and Pokhara:

Hiking is another way to refresh in the cool air and breeze on the mid-hills of Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys. A nice and best experience to observe rural farm life, walking into a lovely forest lined with rhododendron and pine trees.

As well as enjoying stunning views of the Snow Mountain range with striking sunrise and sunset views on route hiking. While in Kathmandu, there are several scenic hills where one can enjoy a short hike for a day or two. Enjoy the scenic hike on the hills of Kathmandu valley rims of Phulchowki, Shivapuri, Nagarjuna, and Chisapani to Nagarkot hills.

In Pokhara, people who are not interested in trekking for longer days can enjoy a short hike to Sarangkot hill, which offers a sweeping spectacular panorama of Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayas with views of Pokhara valley and the lakes.

Likewise, one can take a boat ride across Phewa Lake and hike up for less than two hours to Shanti Stupa, known as Peace Stupa, a Buddhist pagoda located on a high ridge above Pokhara valley. From the top overlooking fascinating views of Annapurna’s array of peaks and surrounding beautiful landscapes.

The next scenic hike is beyond Pokhara valley to Dhampus, and Australian Camp takes you above 2,050 m high with a panorama of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu Himalaya range with Machhapuchare Himal, the famous Fish-Tail Peak. It is a hike for a day or two, with scenic views and walking in a serene forest, and staying in a village lodge.

05: Rafting the Himalayan Rivers:

An exciting thrill in rafting the Himalayan Rivers is another great activity in Nepal and its various glacial rivers. One can enjoy rafting for a day or more, including the longest rafting expedition of a week. Paddling through mighty rapids and bouncy waves on Sun Koshi River as well as rafting in the Karnali River.

On longer rafting rivers, accompanied by kayaks for safety measures, where all camping gear is carried on rafts. Rafting the Himalayan Rivers offers smooth and scenic floats to adventurous and challenging whitewater rivers. Staying overnights in a tented camp on the sandy beaches or in the comfort of River Resorts.

06: Mountain Biking:

Mountain Biking is a great way to experience the country in-depth and rural farm life. Over the past few decades, Nepal has become the mecca for mountain biking. Around Nepal wide range of exciting places where one can ride on the main road and the back trails. It is a wonderful biking route with networks of roads that one can enjoy for a day or two as well as one can choose longer duration mountain biking tours for a week, staying in local lodges or tented camps.

07: Wild-Life and Jungle Safaris:

Nepal is a unique Himalayan country; most wide world people are unaware that Nepal is a land of great bio-diversity. For outside visitors a country of high Himalayan Mountains, but surprisingly Nepal has more than one can expect.

In Nepal, before or after major trips, one can enjoy a day or two and more by joining exciting wildlife safaris. The country is famous for national parks around the low land of the Terai arc landscape, stretching from the Far East to the West, where dense tropical jungles are located, and the famous Chitwan and Bardiya National Parks, including Koshi Wild-Life Reserves.

Travelers can choose various places for wildlife safari as well as bird-watching activities. These parks are famous for endangered species. As well as exotic birdlife, one can observe wild animals in their natural surroundings. Riding an elephant and exploring the forest on the lookout for rare Royal Bengal Tigers, One Horned Rhinoceros. Includes more than 100 different animals with more than 600 species of birds; enjoy the safari in the comfort of a nice jungle lodge and resort.

08: Home Stay Activities:

In the last few decades, around the Himalayan scenic hill villages, a Home Stay program has been established. It is an enjoyable and interesting way to experience the Nepalese hill tribes’ fascinating culture and customs in the close harmony of the Himalayas.

A homestay in local traditional farm hill villages offers ample time to interact with the locals. As well as join in farm activities and explore the village and scenic viewpoint hills. Home Stay is lively and enjoyable in the comfort of a nice cottage, having typical Nepalese meals. Every evening the village provides folk cultural programs with song and dance where one join in the merriment.

09:Mountaineering Expeditions:

Nepal with the world’s highest peaks is the major hub for mountaineers and climbers as well as veteran adventurers. Nepal Himalayas offers more than 200 peaks from 8,000 m to below 7 000 m and above 6,500 m mountains.

Mountaineering was the first tourism in Nepal from the days when Tenzing and Hillary conquered Mt. Everest in 1953. From then onwards, many mountaineering expeditions have been active in Nepal Himalayas in good seasons of the year.

At present, Nepal Himalayas draws more than 100 climbers every season of the year for daring feats on mountaineering expeditions.

10: Adventure Sports Activities:

Nepal is a premier country for all types of adventure sports activities besides trekking, mountaineering, and rafting. While in Nepal, one can join in exciting adventure sports like Para-Gliding in Pokhara or Kathmandu. Similarly, enjoy the Zip-Linear / Flyer that zooms with fast speed covering a distance of 1 km. Within a few minutes. Other activities like Bungee Jumping, Ultra-Light Flight, and canyoning in the cascading waterfalls.

11: Yoga and Meditation:

Nepal is a country that fascinates all types of visitors, providing a wide range of exciting activities and programs. Besides major holidays in Nepal, keen and interested people can join in Yoga and Meditation classes and courses.

While in Kathmandu and at Pokhara, several excellent schools and institutes run Yoga and Meditation programs. For more information and details, you can contact Vertex Holiday.

12: Everest Mountain Flight:

It is an ideal trip for travelers with limited time yet interested in viewing the Himalayas and Mount Everest from a bird’s eye view, taking Everest Mountain Flight which operates every early morning in the best seasons of the year. It offers a breathtaking experience watching over more than 360° wide panorama of the Himalayan snow mountain range with Mt. Everest. An hour’s flight flies north towards Mid-East Himalayas and back to Kathmandu.

13: Helicopter flights to Everest:

Another great way to see Mt. Everest and other giant peaks of the Himalayas is by taking a ride on a helicopter. One can book for a charter or join in with other passengers in a small comfortable chopper.

The Helicopter flight to Everest lands at scenic viewpoints, where one can catch the closest views of Mt. Everest. The helicopter services operate after booking with a local agent like Vertex Holiday and Tours, an overwhelming experience joy ride.

14: Rock climbing indoors and outdoors:

Climbers, sportsmen, and adventurers with a great interest in climbing practice and exercise can enjoy it for a day or more. Joining for Rock Climbing operates indoors as well outdoors around serene quiet areas of Kathmandu city.

Rock climbing is done with the guidance of expert and professional mountain guides or instructors. The gear required for the climbing exercise is provided by the institute and runs in a few places around Kathmandu. Interested sportsmen can contact Vertex Treks and Travels.

15: Volunteering program activities:

Most travelers visit Nepal for various exciting adventures and leisure activities, where few groups of people. School and college groups also come to Nepal for good purposes, like volunteering activities around rural villages.

Interested visitors to Nepal, apart from other major holiday programs, can enjoy a few days to a week getting engaged in volunteering programs around farm villages and schools, like maintaining hygiene, clean drinking water, and maintaining walking trails. As well as teaching in local primary schools and handling educational materials is also popular volunteering activity.

16: Bird watching for Ornithologists and beginners:

Nepal is a country rich in wildlife and the natural scenery of rolling green hills with beautiful forests. Where 8 % of the world’s population of birds, or more than 857 species, is found in Nepal; Due to its amazing landscape diversity with varied climate condition, all types of birdlife exists. This includes migratory and residential birds and exciting country for keen bird watchers for ornithologists as well for all bird-watching lovers.

17: Botanical and nature lovers:

Nepal is also a natural garden covered with various species of wildflowers and rhododendron, from tall trees to smaller bushes. In springtime, the hills and valleys are alive when flowers are in blooming season with riots of colors.

A haven for botanical students and nature lovers, 2 % of all the flowering plants in the world are found, including 600 indigenous plant families and 319 species of exotic orchids located all over the hills and valleys of Nepal.

18: Festivals of Nepal:

Nepal is also rich in culture with ancient heritage and a traditional way of life, celebrating festivals and joyous events. Nearly all around the year, it will be a wonderful experience to observe and be part of the festivals.

Nepal has more than 60 ethnic groups, with 70 native spoken languages, and each tribe and religion celebrates its events. Around the mountains, it is great to be in the Tiji Festival of Upper Mustang and Mani Rimdu at Tengboche Monastery around Everest.

19: Nepalese foods to experience:

While in Nepal, it will be hard to miss the delight of Nepalese cuisine, the famous Dal Bhat. It is a set of Boiled/steamed rice with various types of lentils made into a soup, including seasonal vegetables and mild curry. Various types of meats, from chicken, buffalo meat (a substitute for beef), mutton, and wild boar, are optional.

Includes varieties of pickles and homemade hot sauce, followed by sweet curds a great meal and very filling. Besides Dal Bhat, there are other foods, from simple snacks to lavish meals, as well as different types of fresh bread.

20: Nightlife in Nepal:

Nepal has limited nightlife, but one can enjoy visiting local bars and restaurants with live bands. A typical Nepalese restaurant runs folk cultural programs, where visitors can witness dance and songs from all parts of Nepal. Late nights customers can enjoy at Dhore Saj, a restaurant serving all meals with a live group of singers. Includes male and female groups, where songs are all about teasing girls and boys but lively to watch.

The other late-night joints are the casinos, located in 5-star deluxe hotels that operate nearly around the clocks, where one can try luck in card games or on the roulette table while enjoying refreshing drinks.