Nepal is now open for Internationals Travelers

Nepal is now open for Internationals Travelers

On 23rd September 2021, the government of Nepal issued a new travel protocol for international travelers. The temporary travel ban has been lifted, while Visa on Arrival service has resumed, and mandatory Quarantine rules have been changed.

Travel has been one of the major industries in the world in this couple of decades as the advancement in the transportation and communication sector. It is an exciting activity for any individual seeking to explore the world and learn about the different cultures around the globe. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had an adverse effect on the travel and tourism industry as per the travel restrictions worldwide. Likewise, traveling to Nepal was also halted during the worldwide shutdowns. As the number of COVID cases are declining and the rates of vaccinations are increasing, the government of Nepal is also following the worldwide trend to loosen up the travel restrictions. Even though there hasn’t been any development of Vaccines in Nepal, the Government of Nepal has been able to purchase vaccines from various reliable sources from different developed countries. Apart from that, Nepal has also received vaccine donations in the form COVAX program and from international societies. With all these positive approaches, Nepal is also trying to revive its travel and tourism industry once again.

The government of Nepal has now allowed On Arrival Visa for those travelers who are fully vaccinated and the mandatory quarantine rules have been also lifted for them. However, there are some other procedures that one must follow and are listed below:

A vaccination certificate exceeding 14 days prior to departure from your home country.
A negative report for COVID not exceeding 72 hours before entry.
Trekking or mountaineering permits if available.
Proof of Hotel reservation.
A printed copy of the International Travelers Form submitted at COVID-19 Crisis Management Coordination Center
If you are semi-vaccinated or non-vaccinated, these protocols do not apply. However, you can still travel to Nepal with the following regulations.

You must obtain your Visa from Nepali Diplomatic Mission from your respective countries.
A recommendation letter from a Nepali Travel and Tour agency.
Quarantine is mandatory in any Government Authorized Hotel.
A negative COVID report on the 11th day.

Important Notes:

These rules and regulations apply to all the Non-Residential Nepalese
Minors below 5 years of age are not required to be vaccinated and do not require any tests.
Vaccination is not compulsory for those travelers from 5 to 18 years old, however, other regulations apply.
Land border entry is not available as of now except for Indian citizens.
Health screenings will be conducted at the entry point, and it generally consists of Rapid Antigen Test.

After entering Nepal, there aren’t many strict regulations for traveling and exploring. However, you are advised to avoid large gatherings in order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. All sorts of private and public transportation means are available in case you need them. Certain trekking routes and other activities are open for international travelers. It is an important step from the government trying to uplift the tourism industry of Nepal so that the people directly or indirectly depending on this industry for their living can once again get back to normal. So, it is our collective effort that will help revive the travel and tourism industry from the ashes. For more information and updates, you can visit various government websites in Nepal.

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