Sun koshi River Rafting

Trip Highlights of Sun koshi River Rafting

Trip Duration 9 Days
Maximum Altitude 1200m
Difficulty Grade Difficult
Best Seasons Spring-Automn
Start & End Point Kathmandu/ Kathmandu
  • “An adventure in water sports on the world’s top Ten Rafting Rivers
  • Full of thrills and frills rafting on the wild and exciting Sun-Koshi River of Gold
  • Raft downstream from mid-hills to the low Terai belt around Gangetic plains
  • Enjoyable floats throughout the adventure, encountering exciting rapids
  • Conquer the furious white-water rapids and camp on the soft sandy beach.”

Overview of Sun koshi River Rafting

Sun Koshi River Rafting Overview:

Sun Koshi Rafting Expedition Adventure is one of the longest river rafting in Nepal’s glacial rivers, known as the ‘River of Gold.’ Depending upon the volume of water and river current flow, season-wise. A week to ten days of rafting expedition from the start to an end around the low flat Gangetic Terai belt.

Sun Koshi, the world’s top ten rafting rivers one of the best in water sports for a week or more adventure. It starts from Dolalghat town, a few hour’s drive from the capital city Kathmandu to the ‘put-in point’ after getting organized. Rafting begins heading downstream, encountering many exciting rapids and bouncy waves to the finishing point.

Starts with a few hour’s drive from Kathmandu to Dolalghat, the put-in point of the rafting adventure. After getting organized and collecting valuable information about safety measures and paddling technique skills from the captain’s senior river guide.

Dolalghat town, where two rivers, Melamche and Bhote Koshi, join to make the mighty Sun-Koshi River. After preparation and getting organized, float downstream, encountering exciting waves and rapids with a name like Meat Grinder, Punch, and Judy. As the adventure progresses, paddling through several white-water rapids and camping on sandy beaches then finally ending the float.

Finally, the adventure concludes by reaching the ‘put-off point’ at Sapta Koshi, where seven great rivers join near the Koshi barrage. After ending the adventurous Sun Koshi Rafting Expedition, then drive or fly back to Kathmandu. On completing a memorable, exciting experience on Sun Koshi Rafting Expedition.

Itinerary of Sun koshi River Rafting

Drive to Dolalghat farm town 1,100 m-02 hrs. Start the rafting-03 hrs.

Depart from Kathmandu after early breakfast, and drive to Dolalghat past Dhulikhel town and then within low, warm areas. At Dolalghat, meet the rafting crews and the captain; the expert river guide/captain will brief you on safety measures, paddling skills, culture, landscapes, water currents, and rapids to encounter. Raft for a few hours and paddle through the rapids called Kuire Bhir or Meat Grinder. Overnight in a tented camp on a lovely sandy beach, all camping gear will be another oar boat.

Car 4 Hours
Accommodation Guest House
Meals L/D
Altitude 1100m
Raft to Khalte Chainpur-5 hrs.

After a delightful breakfast, raft downstream and through some grade III rapids as another river Tama Kosi (River of Copper) joins the Sun Kosi, which flows from Tibet and Gaurishankar Himal range. After an exciting day camp on the shore near a small farm village called Khalte Chainpur.

Accommodation Tent House
Meals B/L//D
Altitude 900m
Raft to Likhu Khola - 05 hrs.

After having a good breakfast and then packing up and clearing the camp, the morning starts paddling towards a great technical rapid caller Chammeray Veer or Bat Cave cliff edge. Scouting the rapid first and then paddle through the exciting rapids and then stop for a picnic lunch by the riverside. After lunch few hours rafting downstream to camp near a tributary stream called Likhu Khola, for overnight camp.

Accommodation Tent House
Meals B/L/D
Altitude 850m
Raft to Harkapur-04 hrs.

A late start after leaving and clearing the camp, raft towards warmer areas as you float downstream, leaving the canyon covered in dense forest and lush vegetation and paddling through medium size rapids and waves. As a strong paddle leads through mighty IV-grade rapids, Likhu or High Anxiety heads towards white water and then reaches a small farm village at Harkapur within the Okhaldhunga district. Rafters can buy a few necessary items near the campsite after setting the camp at Harkapur farm village by the river bank.

Accommodation Tent House
Meals B/L/D
Raft to Rasuwa Ghat-04 hrs.

Today’s rafting takes you to conquer a great 2-grade rapid called Harkhapur-II; after going through the big rapid and then Sun Koshi get bigger, as Dudh Koshi River joins, which flows from the Everest area. As an exciting day paddling through a few smaller rapids reaching Rasuwa Ghat for overnight camp.

Accommodation Tent House
Meals B/L/D
Raft to Jungle Corridor-05 hrs.

Raft today leads to a winding bend below a bridge that joins the two villages on opposite sides. As paddling progressed heading towards an exciting rapid called Jaw, quite a long stretch, and then past a few smaller waves and encountered a big rapid of grade III called ‘Rhino Rock’, which is also a long rapid.

Slowly day comes to an end on reaching another grade III rapid called the “Rhino Rock” close to our overnight camp, the start of the “Jungle Corridor.”

Accommodation Tent House
Meals B/L/D
Raft to Big Dipper-04 hrs.

Slowly our adventure leads further downstream, heading towards a warmer area with tropical vegetation. As the river winds up into a narrow gorge lined with dense green jungles and comes across continuous rapids with the name ‘Cooper Chin’ and ‘Black Hole’. Stopping for a picnic lunch next to a wonderful waterfall, where one can refresh in the cascades of rushing fall.

Afternoon float takes you through the gorge as the scenery of landscapes changes and further heading towards the last rapid of the day to conquer ‘Big Dipper’, then reaching our overnight campsite on a nice sandy beach.

Accommodation Tent House
Meals B/L/D
Triveni Dovan - 05 hrs.

Rafting slowly nears the finishing ‘put-off point’, as morning starts heading out of the gorge and reaching towards a larger flat area, soon after a few hours of paddling, then to the last rapid called ‘Big Dipper’ with continuous smaller bouncy waves. After lunch coming across smaller rural farm villages on both sides of the river, as the river gets larger on reaching ‘Sapta Koshi’ as the river flattens, where seven great rivers of eastern Nepal join to make a great Sapta Koshi River.

Slowly rafting comes to a shore near a sandy beach to set our last overnight camp of the adventure.

Accommodation Tent House
Meals B/L/D
Raft to Chatra-04 hrs and then drive or fly to Kathmandu.

From the final tented camp, raft for a few hours where stronger paddling is required as the river flattens into a wide river on reaching the famous Hindu shrine of ‘Barah Chetra and then completing our Sun Koshi River Rafting Expedition at Chatra. After packing and getting into fresh dry clothes, get ready for a long drive back to Kathmandu.

Bus 9 Hours
Meals B/L


What's Included?
  • The private vehicle, according to group size, for a short drive to Rafting put-in point at Dolalghat.
  • Safety gear, helmets, life jackets, and waterproof bags keep valuable items safe from getting wet. As well as wet suits on request.
  • Extra boat to carry all camping gear, food, and baggage.
  • Entire board with three times meals, breakfast-lunch-dinner with afternoon tea and snacks.
  • Accommodation in two men’s tents, for the single supplement on request at extra cost.
  • Charted vehicle back to Kathmandu as per the size of the group.
  • Options for a flight from Biratnagar at extra cost on request.
  • Government taxes, service charges, etc
  • All permit and entry fee
What's Excluded?
  • Personal medical and Travel Insurance.
  • Hotel in Kathmandu on request and airport transfer.
  • Personal expenses, like soft/hard drinks and gratitude/tipping.
  • Emergency evacuation in case of medical and personal problems by any means of fast transportation or helicopter service.
  • International travel fair
  • Nepal Travel visa

Essential Information - Sun koshi River Rafting

Why people are interested in choosing the Sunkoshi River Rafting:

Interested people who have the awe and surge for challenging white-water rafting adventure, Sunkoshi River will be the right choice. This rafting expedition provides excellent delightful, and exciting moments throughout the trip for a week or more.

Sunkoshi River, like its name, River of Gold, certainly adventurer will experience golden excitement on this whole rafting trip. Besides going through countless bouncy waves and rapids with enjoyable time, camping on soft sandy beaches.

Makes the Sunkoshi River Rafting Expedition a mesmerizing adventure of a lifetime experience. As you paddle and float downstream through rural villages and capture the traditional farm life of great cultural interest.

The tranquility and pristine surroundings on route rafting Sunkoshi add another charm to the rafting expedition. The change of scenery from rolling green hills to ending towards the low, warm flat country of South Eastern Nepal. This makes the adventure even more exciting throughout the trip, with memorable and dramatic moments on the Sunkoshi River Rafting Expedition.

Sun-Koshi River Rafting Expedition Adventure Food and Accommodation :

All meals will be prepared by our rafting cook and staff, food according to one choice for all rafting members.

Foods include breakfast porridge, cornflakes, cereals, and muesli, followed by warm milk, toasted bread, and various types of eggs from boiled, fried, poached, and omelets to scramble. Followed by tea-coffee-drinking chocolate.

Lunch is a dry picnic, bread, jam, honey and butter, fried rice or noodles, with vegetables and salads with some canned meats or sardine-tuna. Served with refreshing orange/lemon drinks.

At camp, afternoon tea-coffee, cookies, with dinner soup of variation every night, from tomato, corn, chicken, vegetable, etc. The main course is Nepali Dal Bhat with mild vegetable curry, Fried Noodles, Mashed Potato, and a salad of variations.

Followed by fresh dessert fruits, seasonal wise or canned mixed fruit.

Sometimes cooks can bake fresh cakes and pies as well. Followed by tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Things to prepare for Sunkoshi River Rafting:

On booking the trip, collect all details and information regarding the Sunkoshi River Rafting Expedition. Accept all rules and norms as provided by the company’s policy. Depending upon the season for Sun Kosi rafting, carry all necessary gear and clothing required for rafting, as per the list provided by the company. All rafters should be in good physical shape and in sound health.

Please inform the company of any special dietary and your medical history.

Carry enough money for personal expenses for extra soft and hard drinks, as well as for tipping the drivers and rafting crews.

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