The Best Enjoyable Way to Everest Base Camp Trekking

The Best Enjoyable Way to Everest Base Camp Trekking

The Best Enjoyable Way to Everest Base Camp Trekking Overview

‘all can easily enjoy and conquer the high altitude trek to Everest base camp’ Going through the text and guidelines will certainly help and supports you in overcoming the difficulties during Everest Base Camp Trekking. Especially walking on high altitude terrain, with many risks of catching high altitude sickness or AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness).

To enjoy the best of Everest Base Camp Trekking or any other high-altitude Everest Region trekking adventure, one can overcome and conquer. Depending upon one physical fitness and sound health, as well as choosing the right types of itinerary days. Which should be quite flexible, with enough space for acclimatization and as well to explore the surrounding beautiful scenic areas.

Everest Base Camp Trekking, in general, with a standard program itinerary of a maximum duration of 12 nights and 13 days. Starting and ending at Lukla town after flying in from Kathmandu 35 minute scenic flight.

At present, some trekking companies offer Everest Base Camp Trekking in the shortest time, less than 12 days. While some provide more than two weekdays also. People with limited time might choose the shortest, quickest expressway to Everest base camp and back to Lukla.

Where only a few travelers can make it, and that is one in ten people. It also depends upon the size of a trekking group, where some might be slow, and others can walk faster. Reaching an overnight stop on time at designated villages and lodges on route to Everest Base Camp.

Trekkers should be aware that they will be trekking at an average altitude from 3,000 to above 4,000 m high. The steep, steady climb on higher terrain makes you breathless, and might leads to AMS minor or severe symptoms.

All can avoid being safe and responsible trekkers by choosing the standard days of the Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary. Having enough flexible hours of walking as well as acclimatization days is suitable for all people and age groups.

How To Conquer and Enjoy The Best Way To Everest Base Camp:

The main and easy way to conquer and enjoy the best way to Everest Base Camp. It is the right and best season of the year for trekking and planning itinerary days. Making it more accessible and flexible as per one interest having more time to explore as well for acclimatization.

The route is the same for all whether taking the fastest and quickest way or the longer days. The quickest, fastest way is for people of less budget for the treks, as well for athletic people. Trying his / her endurance and ability to cover the trek in the shortest time proves one strength and stamina.

But on average, travelers take the trip to Everest base camp or any other high-altitude destinations with much time. The Everest base camp route is straightforward for all types of people and age groups.

The only difference is how he/she uses the walking days with the best, safe way to Everest base camp.

Experience Companies and expert guides like Vertex Holiday provide standard and general itinerary days. The only difficulty in deciding is after reaching a higher elevation like Namche Bazaar at 3,440 m high, where some people might catch slight symptoms of AMS, light, severe, or not at all.

The safe and right way to enjoy the adventure is walking at an easy leisurely pace. Take the whole trip as a journey and not as a destination. Enjoying and having leisurely short rest and observing the local culture and way of traditional village life.

There are various ways to enjoy and take delight in walks, from scenic views of surrounding landscapes and snow peaks. As well as exploring the villages on the route and interacting with the locals or taking memorable pictures.

Finally, the walk takes you up some steep sections to Namche Bazaar heed slowly, taking a leisurely pace. Stopping for a while, where needed, from getting breathless, this way, like the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’. On reaching Namche Bazaar, have two overnights at the same altitude, and on a rest day, take a short hike.

Walking ups at higher elevations and sleeping or taking a rest at low heights is the best way to get acclimatized. But don’t ever do it and stress yourself; the other way to fight altitude is to drink enough fluids. Like safe, clean water, plain hot drinks like green, lemon and ginger light tea, having rest taking things slowly.

How To Enjoy And Be Safe On The High Scenic Trail To Everest Base Camp:

At Namche Bazaar after a pleasant rest day, as well as getting acclimatized.

The walk leads to a much higher altitude on a scenic trail with a climb to Tengboche, gaining more than 400 m heights. There are two places to spend overnight at Tengboche, either staying in a lodge close to the monastery area.

The other options walk down to Deboche, a settlement with a few nice lodges amidst the forest surrounding facing Mt. Everest.

From Tengboche on the high trail to Pangboche at 3,900 m and then to Dingboche settlement, located in Imjatse valley. Dingboche, at above 4,340 m high, is another best place for a short hike uphill for proper acclimatization.

After Dingboche on higher terrain to Lobuche, a small settlement with several fine lodges at 4,940 m high, enjoy an overnight at Lobuche and continue walking towards the main destination reaching Everest base camp, after a short rest at Gorakshep.

Gorakshep at 5,180 m high, situated below Mt. Pumori and Kalapathar rocky hill, either stay at Gorakshep or continue walking.

For people with more days, best to spend overnight at Gorakshep for overnight, which was also an earlier Everest base camp. Nevertheless, carry on trekking from Gorakshep for a few hours’ walk to Everest Base Camp at the height of 5,364 m.

Gaining about 200 m in elevation after days of acclimatization at Namche and Dingboche. One should be well acclimatized and fit to tackle the altitude to enjoy the stupendous dramatic scenery at Everest base camp.

On achieving the goal and target of the adventure, options for an exciting climb to the top of Kalapathar Hill. Which is the highest point of the adventure at 5,643 m / 18,514 feet high. Rewards stunning panorama of surrounding giant peaks with closest views of Mt. Everest at a close distance.

Return Journey To Lukla After  Enjoyable Moments At Everest Base Camp Trekking:

After completing all major highlights, downhill to Namche and back to Lukla, feeling in great spirits. To achieve the goal and wonderful experience, follow ‘The Best Enjoyable Way to Everest Base Camp Trekking.