The Best Time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking

The Best Time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking

 best time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking
Mount Manaslu

An adventure around the world’s 8th highest peaks and its mountain range.’ The best time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking is in the spring season, which begins in March and ends in May. Early March can be quite cold from post-winter. However, it will be best to start the trek in the middle of March or April and May, when days are much longer due to enough sunlight hours. At the same time, one can cover long-distance walks reaching designated overnight destinations in good times of late afternoon or evening.

Spring times are lively when mid-green hills are covered in the dense coniferous forest lined with pines, oaks, firs, and rhododendrons.

Enjoying the walk with wildflowers in seasonal bloom, especially the rhododendron of various species from tall trees to a bush. As well, different vivid colors and hues make the trek so special during the great times of the spring season.

Spring  season is the best time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking:

In spring, the sun rises before 6 a.m. having sunny days quite longer till late afternoon or evening time. A perfect season where most days are clear for excellent views of snow-clad peaks as well as enjoying pleasant walks.

A lovely time as well as a peak, high season for the Manaslu circuit trek and other various adventures around the Himalayas. Where the hills are much green with tall trees and lush vegetation, with long sunny days.

A great time to choose the Manaslu Circuit trek, where the weather will be at its best. However, it can be much colder in the morning, late afternoon till night, around a higher altitude above 1,800 m.

In the lower farm areas from Arughat and before Jagat, the temperatures will be very warm throughout the day. Having a minimum of 10° to 15° Celsius and a maximum of 25° and above 30° Celsius degrees of sub-tropical climate.

As you reach 1 300 m to 2, 000 m higher, where the climate gets much cooler.

Minimum of 05° to 12° Celsius and maximum of 15° to 20° Celsius, and much cold in the shades. From Namrung onwards, the temperatures remain the same till Lo and Sama Gaon are above 3,000 m to 3,500 m high. But it can be a much brighter sun-light with strong UV due to high altitude around exposed areas.

Where air gets thinner and oxygen level drops requires strong sunblocks and long sleeve shirts, jackets, sunglass, and hats. Covering well to avoid sunlight with strong UV, the afternoon can be quite windy around Upper Manaslu valley.

After Sama-Gaon village onwards to Larke Phedi at Dharmasala, the base of Larke-La Pass, the temperatures remain almost the same during the day, but much cold morning and night time, as well in shades. Chances of snowfall sometimes, even at the best time of the year, on the climb to Larke-La pass.

The highest point of the trek is at 5,106 m, with cold and freezing temperatures during the early morning. As the sun hits, the area gets much warmer till you reach the other end of the pass at Bumthang. Reaching around the district of Manang, where climate and temperatures remain constant.

Minimum of 05° to 12° Celsius and maximum of 15° to 20° Celsius and towards Dharapani village. The finishing point of the trek is where you will enjoy the exciting long drive to Kathmandu of some 7 hours.

Autumn/fall is the best season for Manaslu Circuit Trekking:

The next best season is autumn/fall, one of the peak and high times for trekking around the Himalayas. As well for Manaslu Circuit trekking is a wonderful and most favored season by most trekkers and adventurers.

In Autumn or fall, the climate is pleasant after the end of summer and monsoon wet times. Starts from September to November, when days are fine and crystal clear with blue sky for views and pleasant walks.

Starting from lower altitudes where temperatures get a minimum of 05° to 12° Celsius and a maximum of 15° to 20° Celsius. Which makes the walk enjoyable, with cooler in the shades, from high above Namrung to Sama-Gaon and Samdo villages. The temperatures drop from 0° to -05° Celsius in the morning and nighttime, but with a starry clear night sky. But from late morning till late afternoon, the temperatures reach a maximum of 15° to 20° Celsius.

Where the wind-chill factor adds extra cold during the afternoon till evening time, chances of snowfall sometimes.

But gets warm as you start the walk and climb to the high Larke-La Pass, and the climate will be the same. On reaching Dharapani village at the end of the walk around the Manang district after crossing the high Larke-La Pass.

Important to know the right seasons of time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking, a Restricted Area in Nepal. Where special permits are required to enter Upper Manaslu areas from the village of Jagat onwards.

The other thing to know is that from mid-November onwards till early March, most lodges will be closed for winter. Where all villagers from Namrung, Lo-Gaon, Sama-Gaon, and Samdo will migrate to low, warm areas to escape the winter cold