The Himalayas Waterfalls of Nepal

The Himalayas Waterfalls of Nepal

The Himalayas Waterfalls of Nepal Overviews & Introduction :

‘The country of the world’s 8th highest peaks and massive mountain ranges Himalayan waterfalls of Nepal, the country of the world’s 8th highest peaks with a series of massif mountain ranges. It certainly makes Nepal a land of immense waterfalls due to its unique and amazing landscape topography.

The country is also rich in water resources, listed as the world’s second-largest hydropower. Wherever one travels in Nepal, on leaving the city and towns, coming across numerous streams and rivers. The main tributaries of larger rivers and streams of the country are the source of Himalayan mountain glaciers.

Where smaller streams and rivulets flow downstream to join the main big rivers through high cliffs and ridges. Which forms a high and beautiful cascading waterfall that can be seen all over the highs and valleys of Nepal.

The high Himalayan Mountain range, with towering cliffs and rocky ridges, makes Nepal a country of natural wonders. Countless waterfalls, from highest to lowest and big or small, can be found all over Nepal.

From the Far East to the Western Himalayas range with lovely scenic foothills known as Churia or Siwalik. Extends higher to Mahabharata towards the Greater Mahabharata range of high hills and mountains, ending at towering Himalayan peaks.

Around the world with biggest and largest waterfalls like Niagara Falls in the USA and Canada North America. Similarly, Angel Falls of Venezuela in South America with Iguazu Falls of Argentina and Brazil, South America. Including Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa, and Olo’Upena Falls of Hawaii in the USA.

In comparison to the largest waterfalls on other continents, Nepal might have smaller ones, but the country boasts many waterfalls. Located throughout the country, which makes it one of the wonders of Nepal, with the largest Hyatung Waterfall in the Terhathum district. Listed as the second largest in Asia, it flows from a height of 365 m or 1 198 feet high.

Hyatung Waterfalls of Terhathum, situated in Far Eastern Nepal on route to the world’s 3rd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga base camp. Likewise, one of the longest and largest waterfalls of Pachal Jharna in the Kalikot district of Karnali province.

Located in the Far West, one of the pride of Nepal, at the highest point of 381 m or 1,250 feet. Apart from hundreds of bigger and smaller high waterfalls in Nepal, the main famous is Davis Fall / Pathle Chago. In the tourist city of Pokhara, Nepal Mid-West, the waterfall flows down from a height of 150 m high.

The other famous Rupse Falls, which is in the district of Myagdi on route to Jomsom town of Upper Mustang areas. A great volume of waterfalls close to the motorable road flows down from a height of 300 m high.

The next is the Tindhare Waterfall, nearest to Kathmandu valley.

Located in the district of Kavrepalanchok, at 300 m high, a few hour drive from Kathmandu towards mid-east hills. The Hyatung Falls of Terhathum district flow from a height of 200 m high.

The Best Time To View The Himalayas Waterfalls Of Nepal:

The best to view the Himalayan waterfalls of Nepal is from pre-monsoon and post-monsoon times. The pre-monsoon time of June to early July, when monsoon heavy rains begin. The higher mid-hills of Nepal will be wet with lush green vegetation and a rise in water volumes on streams and rivers. Waterfalls around the country begin to get active with raging waterfalls from high towering hills and ridges.

Mid-Monsoon, the heaviest rainfall of all-time maximum of 1,900 millimeters with the highest precipitation of 3,500 mm. From July to August, it makes a natural wonder with cascading waterfalls all over the green hills.

As well as on high rocky ridges with sheer cliffs, where torrential waterfalls to streams and swelling rivers. This an exciting time to visit Nepal for people who are interested in viewing the Himalayas waterfalls of Nepal. Apart from the middle of the monsoon, the post-monsoon time of September, most waterfalls will be active.

Truly a great time in Nepal with lush green flora with endangered fauna that exists during the wet monsoon season. Where walk leads you amidst high raging waterfalls as it flows down from towering hilltops and high ridges.

Places To Visit For Views Of Himalayan Waterfalls:

Nepal with amazing landscapes and bio-diversity with great variation in altitude. From low 60 m to the world’s highest, Mt. Everest, at 8,848.86 m high.

Dramatic changes from sub-tropical to cooler hills and towards remorseless fields of ice snow with arctic zone terrain. All within a mere distance of 150 km. Making Nepal a country a unique country on this planet earth.

Places to visit for views of Himalayas waterfalls in Nepal are especially around the mid and low foothills where all rivers and tributaries flow from mountains towards lower hills and valleys, as well into a deep river gorge.

The most interesting place for waterfalls is on the foothills of the Annapurna Himalayas. Not far from the main tourist city of Pokhara, taking a drive of a few hours to Bhirethati village. As the trail follows gradually up towards Tirkhedhunga village, just after Bhirethati lies the beautiful and huge cascading waterfalls.

Walk further up to Tirkhedhunga village, about 1,400 m high, and stay in a nice local lodge. Just close to the village, one can enjoy a wonderful flow of waterfalls on both sides of Tirkhedhunga village. The bigger one is just a few minutes up to a stream reaching a gorge, and you marvel at the beautiful turbulence of waterfalls.

Just next to the village below the bridge exists another waterfall, a great place for overnight enjoying the views of waterfalls.

Around Pokhara, a short drive south of the city to Davis waterfalls, the area is made into a park garden. Enjoy overlooking the great volume of water that rushes into a huge waterfall, an interesting place to experience.

Khopra Ridge community Trek is a short and exciting adventure in one of the hidden pockets of the Annapurna region blessed with natural beauty with waterfalls, Mountains, Flora, and fauna.

The other great place to visit for views of the Himalayas waterfalls on the way to Annapurna circuit trek near the Besisahar town, situated within Lamjung district. Where drive continues to the village of Syange, with close views of the raging flow of waterfalls.

As the drive continues winding uphill to Jagat village, facing grand views of waterfalls opposite Masrsyangdi River. From Jagat, heading further to Tal Besi village, the entrance of Manang district enjoys views of several waterfalls. Located close to the village of Tal and then walk or drive to Dharapani village, facing views of waterfalls.

Manaslu circuit Trek located in the west central of Nepal, 70 miles from Kathmandu, is an adventurous route for the extensive landscape, waterfalls, River, and the world’s 8th highest Mt. Manaslu.

The next best area for a view of waterfalls is on the road to the border of Nepal and Tibet / China. Close to Kodari and Tatopani town, where views of waterfalls are seen nearly everywhere along the roadside. As well on the opposite Bhote Kosi River flowing from a high ridge and rocky cliffs.

There are more places for the best views of waterfalls during the monsoon time from June to mid-September months.

Waterfalls are seen all around the seasons, but the best and most exciting views are in the wet monsoon and summer seasons. When the water levels are high in large volumes, it makes the raging turbulence on waterfalls around the mid-hills of Nepal.

Places To Visit And Enjoy The Adventure Sports On Waterfalls:

Waterfalls in Nepal have been turned into adventure sports activities called Canyoning. Where all types of people and age groups can enjoy, guided by expert canyoning instructors and guides. Includes variation of exciting thrills, a short hike climb up to a ridge. Then jump or rappelling down with the surge of the great flow of waterfalls to a deep pool down. An exciting full of thrill canyoning adventure around various Himalayan waterfalls in Nepal.